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#MelbRecital Mixtape: Senegambian Jazz Band

#MelbRecital Mixtape: Senegambian Jazz Band

Before they take over the Salon with their delectable fusion of Afro jazz, deep world music beats and funk rhythms and melodies, Senegambian Jazz Band curates their own #MelbRecitalMixtape - a Spotify playlist of some of their favourite songs of all time.

With influences from Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana and Australia, the five-piece Senegambian Jazz Band share its outstanding talent and flair, channelling over eight thousand years of African musical traditions, transporting the power and beauty of these ancient sounds, rhythms and melodies to euphoric audiences across Australia. Listen to some of their favourite songs of all time below.

Chris Frangou (bass player, composer and producer) tells us more about the songs on their #MelbRecitalMixtape on behalf of the band:

Richard Bona - Kalabancoro
Richard Bona is an amazing bass player from Cameroon and he has had a huge influence on everyone in the band. As the bass player in The Senegambian Jazz Band, I have a lot to live up to when this guy is a big influence of ours! We even do a version of this song live. 

30/70 - Slangin
Slangin is one of my favourite songs by 30/70. Not only are they also a local Melbourne band, but they are also great friends. We have shared a lot of festival stages with them over the years and it’s always a pleasure to see them live. 

Weather Report - Birdland
If you have seen us live, you can probably tell we are quite partial to a little jazz fusion. Here is an absolute ‘70s jazz fusion classic we all love and which features another amazing bass player, Jaco Pastorius!

Soriba Kouyate - Bani 
Time for an amazing kora player! Soriba was one of the great modern kora players who, like us, blended jazz and traditional musical elements from Senegal and Gambia to create amazing hybrid music. This live recording really shows how great this music is live and how full of improvisation it is. I feel like every time I get in the car with Amadou our kora player and frontman, he plays this tune!

Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tizita
As a band we are not only influenced by music from West Africa, but all over the continent! I had the pleasure of working with the great Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke and touring with him prior to being in this band, and the bass player for The Senegambian Jazz Band before me was from Ethiopia and had a big influence on the direction this band has taken. So we have a lot of love for Ethiopia and Ethiopian music. 

Senegambian Jazz Band takes over the Primrose Potter Salon on Wednesday 22 May

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