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The Tune Up: Episode Three

The Tune Up: Episode Three

Phia Exiner tells us why community choirs speak (and sing) volumes in modern-day societies.

Welcome to episode three of The Tune Up podcast with hosts Maxim Boon and Megan Steller. 

In this episode, Maxim and Megan talk to Phia about her choir Melbourne Indie Voices, a group of 240 people united by their shared love of indie music. Are choirs having 'a moment'? Why should you join a choir? Find out and more in the latest Tune Up episode!

Extras: Tune out to the crispy sounds of the crunchiest of all snacks, the common chip.


About Phia

Primarily known for her genre-defying, live-looping show and her masterful use of the kalimba, singer-songwriter Phia is founder and artistic director of Melbourne Indie Voices, a new breed of community choir who perform her imaginative arrangements of current indie-pop songs.

Phia has created a new choir sound that stands alongside Melbourne’s famed music scene, leading her singers alongside iconic Australian artists such as Paul Kelly and Jen Cloher, as well as releasing and touring her own music throughout Australia and Europe multiple times.

Run with her partner (in music and life) Josh Teicher, the choir has expanded to three singing nights with over 240 regular members. The choirs meet weekly during school terms, singing Phia’s imaginative new choral arrangements, with Josh contributing to the choir’s unique and non-traditional sound by accompanying them on electric guitar. 


Maxim Boon is a British composer, writer and critic who has been based in Australia since 2014. When he's not ensconced in a concert hall or writing about Melbourne's music scene, he can mostly be found taking selfies with his dog.

Megan Steller is an artist manager, writer and producer, who spends most of her time talking about classical music. She occasionally gets really enthusiastic at the symphony and claps in the wrong spot, but she's working on it. 

Maxim Boon and Megan Steller

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